Star Wars Prequel Trilogy by Pablo Olivera

This Tuesday Bottleneck Gallery drops Star Wars artwork from the prequel trilogy with artwork by Pablo Olivera. Olivera’s artwork for this drop is reminiscent of the prints dropped by Kevin Wilson last year for the original trilogy. These prints are … Read More

Star Wars by Ann Bembi, Pablo Olivera & Dave O’Flanagan

Bottleneck Gallery hits us with some Star Wars goodness to end the week. Not just one print either, but a multitude of works from various artists. Pablo Olivera gives us artwork of everyone’s favorite Zabrak, Darth Maul with Attack. Ann … Read More

Star Wars by Chris Valentine & Gabz

To coincide with Star Wars Celebration 2023 that is currently going on, Bottleneck Gallery’s Friday drops come from a galaxy far far away with artwork by Chris Valentine and Gabz. Chris Valentine has created a really stunning looking Phantom Menace … Read More

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy by Florey

On Wednesday Bottleneck Gallery completes Florey’s Star Wars series dropping prints for the prequel trilogy. The artwork follows Anakin through the three films and man, these look boss, with some fantastic imagery and color. Florey‘s prints will be dropping in … Read More