Nautilus Art Prints Travel Poster Series

Back in April Nautilus Art Prints let us know about a new series they would be doing throughout the rest of the year featuring famous travel locations as they were featured in films. The idea sprang from the phenomenal Martha’s Vineyard Welcomes You print that Laurent Durieux did back in 2020. Such a great print, we have 3 copies of it in the collection. Martha’s Vineyard is the famous location featured in the film Jaws and so Nautilus decided to do this with other films and talented artists. Today we get our first taste of the artwork from this series with prints from Matt Taylor, Katherine Lam and Paul Blow. All of the prints are 24″ x 36″, 12-color, gicleé prints with editions of 200. Each will cost approximately $90 or a set of 3 can be purchased for about $253.

The prints cover films that each artist choose and highlight a famous location seen in the film. Matt Taylor choose the film North by Northwest a Hitchcock classic, which features Mount Rushmore in a scene where the main characters try to elude those chasing them. Katherine Lam’s print showcases the Manhattan Bridge and was seen in the film Once Upon A Time In America, the 1984 Sergio Leone film. Lastly, Paul Blow gives us Stampede Trail, which was famously featured in Into The Wild. The infamous school bus that Chris McCandless had driven and and was stranded on the trail became a landmark, but unfortunately had to be removed due to hazards in the area and those attempting to visit it becoming in need of aid themselves.

All of the prints look fantastic and what a great way to kick off the series. I can’t wait to see what else the series hold with artwork still to come from Tom Whalen, Rory Kurtz, Justin Erickson, Vincent Mahe & David Merveille. We’ll update this post as additional prints in the series drop. These prints go on sale today at 1PM EST on the Nautilus Art Prints shop. What a way to celebrate our 500th post with this amazing series, can’t wait to see the rest.