Star Wars Prequel Trilogy by Florey

On Wednesday Bottleneck Gallery completes Florey’s Star Wars series dropping prints for the prequel trilogy. The artwork follows Anakin through the three films and man, these look boss, with some fantastic imagery and color. Florey‘s prints will be dropping in … Read More

Halloween by Florey

Halloween comes early for Vice Press this Tuesday as they will be dropping new artwork by Florey from the horror masterpiece, Halloween. Florey does a remarkable job with this piece, as the overall artwork and reflection in the window is … Read More

Jurassic Park by Florey

Jurassic World: Dominion opens in theaters today and Vice Press is celebrating the release with new artwork by Florey, from the original film that started it all. Florey’s print will come in 3 versions. The main print is a 24″ … Read More