C2E2 + Monsterpalooza Remainders by Mondo

C2E2 + Monsterpalooza Remainders

On Monday Mondo dropped their remaining prints from C2E2 + Monsterpalooza with artwork from a range of artists covering a wide swath of the pop culture landscape. There were comic related artwork for Batman and Spiderman. Movies were also represented … Read More

Mondo Thought Bubble & DesignerCon Poster Holdovers

Thought Bubble & DesignerCon Poster Holdovers

It’s Thursday and that means two things. Late Wednesday nights and usually numerous drops from the sites we like to talk about. Back in November Mondo made an appearance at Thought Bubble after a couple years away and brought a … Read More

Mondo at San Diego Comic Con 2022

Mondo SDCC 2022

San Diego Comic Con finally kicks off tomorrow and it’s pretty awesome to see all of the different offerings coming from Mondo. Mondo is dropping a ton of different stuff from Wednesday through Saturday. Below is a complete day by … Read More