San Diego Comic-Con Online Releases – Mondo

Mondo’s San Diego Comic-Con online poster releases start to drop on Thursday. This years releases are more comic focused then last years , but there is still good stuff coming with artwork from Tomer Hanuka, Tom Whalen, Greg Ruth, La … Read More

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla by Oliver Barrett & Tom Whalen

Thursday, November 3rd, is the 68th anniversary of the original film’s release and just as they do every year for Godzilla Day, Mondo is doing a Kaiju sized drop, including 3 alternative movie posters for Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Oliver Barrett … Read More

They Live by Tom Whalen

On Tuesday Vice Press drops new artwork from John Carpenter’s class, They Live by Tom Whalen. Whalen always has some rock solid composition in his pieces and his style is all his own, releasing print after print of fantastic artwork. … Read More

Mondo at San Diego Comic Con 2022

San Diego Comic Con finally kicks off tomorrow and it’s pretty awesome to see all of the different offerings coming from Mondo. Mondo is dropping a ton of different stuff from Wednesday through Saturday. Below is a complete day by … Read More