Dune: Part Two by Matt Taylor

Well, well well look who’s up to their old surprise drops. On Friday, with little notice, Mutant dropped new alternative movie posters for Dune: Part II. The inevitable onslaught started with Matt Griffin‘s Dune: Part II print that was released in January and continues with Taylor’s prints today and I’m sure many, many, many, more are to come. Taylor’s art looks fantastic for this release and it’s nice to have a timed edition along with a variant. These went on sale at some point earlier today. I have no idea when as I was so busy, but at the time of writing this post both are still available, so head on over to Mutant site and pick one up before they gone. Cost and edition size details are below.

Dune: Part II by Matt Taylor

24″ x 36″ Screen Print

  • Timed: $70 – edition TBD
  • Variant: $85 – edition of 315