Optimus Prime by Kei Zama & G.I. Joe by Hernan Carracedo

Bottleneck Gallery is dropping childhood nostalgia this afternoon with Transformers artwork from Kei Zama and G.I. Joe artwork from Hernan Carracedo. Transformers was such a mainstay of my childhood from the cartoon series to the toys I was often spending time in their universe. The prints from Kei Zama are from the comic book series, and focus on Optimus Prime. These will drop as both Giclée and aluminum prints. G.I Joe was another mainstay when I was growing up. I would spend countless hours playing with the numerous action, figures and vehicles that Hasbro put out during that time. The Giclée artwork from Carracedo looks great with a print for the Joes and one for Cobra. They highlight some of the leaders and higher ups in their respective organizations. These will be available for purchase this afternoon at 12PM EST on bottleneckgallery.com

Transformers: Optimus Prime #25 by Kei Zama

24″ x 36″

  • Giclée: $50 – edition of 100
  • Aluminum: $125 – edition of 100
G.I. Joe & Cobra by Hernan Carracedo

18″ x 24″ Giclée

  • Heroes: $45 – edition of 75
  • Cobra: $45 – edition of 75
    • Set: $85