Ahsoka’s Path by Seth Groves & Gamorrean Guard + Rancor by Mike Sutfin

Our week kicks off with some Star Wars drops via Bottleneck Gallery with artwork by Seth Groves and Mike Sutfin. We really enjoyed the Ahsoka Disney+ series and Seth Groves does a bang up job creating some nice looking Ahsoka artwork. This one will drop in three editions and will be Giclée prints. The other Star Wars related drop comes from creature illustrator extraordinaire, Mike Sutfin. Sutfin is beginning a new series featuring Star Wars characters/creatures and the artwork resembles the old toy packaging. it looks awesome and we’re sure will be a great series. These are screen prints and will only drop in a single version for each. The Star Wars artwork goes on sale today at 12PM EST on the BNG website.

Ahsoka’s Path by Seth Groves

18″ x 24″ Giclée

  • Regular: $50 – edition of 150
  • Variant: $60 – edition of 75
  • Variant: $60 – edition of 50
The Gamorrean Guard + Rancor by Mike Sutfin

12″ x 18″ Screen Print

  • The Gamorrean Guard: $40 – edition of 100
  • Rancor: $40 – edition of 100