The Travelers by Laurent Durieux, Airship II by Kilian Eng, Icelantic by Jim Pollock & BTTF2 by Kevin Wilson

Tomorrow Bottleneck Gallery is dropping original artwork from artists who create some of the most sought after works, Laurent Durieux, Kilian Eng & Jim Pollock. Throw in an AMP for good measure from the guy dropping tons of rad art right now, Kevin Wilson, and you got some damn good Friday drops. Laurent Durieux drops The Travelers, artwork that is similar to work he did earlier this year for the Annecy Festival. KIlian Eng has new artwork, Airship II, another of his personal works. Pollock is dropping Icelantic, a print that was released last month, these are the Artist Edition prints. Finally BNG is dropping their share of Kevin Wilson’s Back to the Future Part II print that was a co-release with Vice Press. A second chance to grab this one if you missed the drop today. Information is below, on sale tomorrow at 12PM EST on

Icelantic by Jim Pollock – 24″ x 12″ Giclée
  • $125 – edition of 100
Airship II by Kilian Eng – 18″ x 24″ Giclée
  • $75 – edition of 175
The Travelers by Laurent Durieux – 24″ x 36″
  • Regular – Giclée: $80 – edition of 100
  • Regular – Screen Print: $80 – edition of 300
  • Variant – Screen Print: $100 – edition of 175
Back to the Future Part II by Kevin Wilson – 24″ x 36″ Offset Lithograph
  • Regular: $55 – edition of 200
  • Foil Variant: $65 – edition of 150