Phish – MSG 2022 & Waterwheel Foundation by Jim Pollock

It’s Wednesday and Bottleneck Gallery is getting together with Jim Pollock to drop artwork from the Phish – Madison Square Garden concert and Waterwheel Foundation. The Waterwheel Foundation print is a limited edition release with a portion of proceeds going to the foundation. The Phish print will be available via lottery. Submissions will be taken from 12PM EST today through 12:30PM at which time winner will be notified and have 15 minutes to checkout and purchase the print. Details on the prints are below, these go on sale today at 12PM EST on the BNG website.

Waterwheel Foundation 2022-2023 by Jim Pollock

12.5″ x 15.5″ Linocut

  • $100 – edition of 575
Phish – MSG 2022 by Jim Pollock – Available via Lottery

20″ x 16″ Screen Print

  • Regular: $65 – edition of 200
  • Variant: $100 – edition of 100