The Dark Knight by Raj Khatri & Gremlins by Matheuss Berant

Bottleneck Gallery closes out another week of releases with artwork from new comer Raj Khatri and Matheuss Berant. We’ve been checking out Khatri’s work on Instagram for a while now where he posts official key art for Indian films. He’s created some great stuff and now has his first release with BNG in the form of The Dark Knight. Love the concept of this one, it will drop as a Giclée and acrylic panel print. The other drop comes from the film Gremlins with. Berant has created something very cool here as he has used gremlins to create the whole image of Gizmo. This will drop in three different versions. Both artworks go on sale today at 12PM EST on the BNG website with costs and edition sizes below.

The Dark Knight by Raj Khatri

24″ x 36″ Giclée & Acrylic Panel

  • Regular: $50 – edition of 150
  • Acrylic: $125 – edition of 30
Gremlins by Matheuss Berant

24″ x 18″ Giclée

  • Version A: $45 – edition of 75
  • Version B: $45 – edition of 75
  • Version C: $45 – edition of 75