Star Wars – EWAF by Jason Edmiston

Jason Edmiston’s ongoing Eyes Without A Face series has been going on for years now and began back in 2015. Along the way he has done various sub sets within this series, such as Jaws, Halloween III, musicians, pretty much any major pop culture icons. In September 2022 he kicked off his Star Wars Eyes Without a Face series with Mondo. That release consisted of Obi-Wan and Darth Vader from the Disney+ show of the same name. Unfortunately, not long after, Mondo decided to go in another direction and the series stalled. Enter Bottleneck Gallery who has been continuing some of Mondo’s series, such as Phantom City Creative’s Marvel series, and now Edmiston‘s Eyes Without a Face Star Wars series. The Bottleneck Gallery series kicks off with Princess Leia and a StormTrooper EWAF prints. As with the other two in the series, these will be timed additions that will be on sale through Sunday, March 17 at midnight. It’s awesome that this series will live on thanks to Bottleneck Gallery. Costs are below and these go on sale today at 12PM EST.

Star Wars – Eyes Without A Face by Jason Edmiston

9″ x 5″ Giclée

  • The Princess of Alderaan: $35 – edition TBD
  • Soldiers of the Empire: $35 – edition TBD