Howl’s Moving Castle by Alex Hovey & Akira by Chris Skinner

Today Bottleneck Gallery drops artwork from some animated gems, one from Hayao Miyazaki’s “Howls Moving Castle” and the other from the landmark 1988 Japanese anime film “Akira”. For “Howl’s Moving Castle”, Alex Hovey continues his run through the Miyazaki’s filmography, following up his Spirited Away artwork with a similarly beautiful interpretation of Howl’s. As with that release this one will also consist of a number of foil and variant prints. The Akira artwork comes via Chris Skinner, who has also being doing a series for the film. His previous two releases from the film were also horizontal 36″ x 12″ pieces and the new artwork will compliment those pieces nicely. These are on sale today at 12PM EST on the BNG website.

Howl’s Moving Castle by Alex Hovey & Akira by Chris Skinner

24″ x 36″ Screen Print

  • Regular: $50 – edition of 100
  • Metallic Foil: $50 – edition of 50
  • Rainbow Foil: $70 – edition of 20
  • Variant: $50 – edition of 50
  • Metallic Foil Variant: $60 – edition of 25
  • Rainbow Foil Variant: $70 – edition of 20
Where are the brakes? (Akira) by Chris Skinner

36″ x 12″ Giclée

  • Regular: $50 – edition of 100
  • Manga Variant: $60 – edition of 50
  • Aluminum Print: $125 – edition of 30